About LoyalBrew

LoyalBrew enables you to create a fun and engaging, contactless mobile passport where customers can claim stamps through location-based verification or photo sharing.

It doesn’t require a download, and is simple to access via QR code, social media, or your own website.

The perfect app for the perfect itinerary.

A Better Experience

Traditional passports are paper-based, or lackluster mobile apps that require assistance from staff, and don’t engage locals.

Juicing the online experience with LoyalBrew creates an immersive on-site visit, which leads to greater revenue and brand loyalty.

Encourage Repeat Business

Imagine a loyalty platform that highlights your events and raises the profile of your activities to draw new customers, and delight existing ones.

Welcome to LoyalBrew, which encourages repeat business, strengthens brand awareness and rewards your most enthusiastic fans.

Engage Your Fan Base

Too many loyalty programs eventually repel customers, by hyping only spending.

LoyalBrew dynamically engages your fan base by creating shared experiences that reap dividends long after the parking lot is empty.

At the intersection of technology and craft beer experiences

Todd Wickersty and Page Wood

LoyalBrew was founded by Todd Wickersty and Page Wood. Todd and Page own Storyware, a web development company, and also co-founded the Charlottesville Ale Trail.

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How does LoyalBrew work?

Brands (e.g., trails, breweries, and wineries) create LoyalBrew passports, which consist of simple tasks that customers can accomplish. Customers receive a stamp on their passport for each task completed. Once a customer completes a passport, brands have the option to reward the customer with a gift or special promotion.

Where do customers download LoyalBrew?

Customers do not have to download an app to access passports. LoyalBrew is all web-based, which can be easily accessed via QR code, social media or a brand’s website. You can also find all of LoyalBrew’s passports here.

Do I need to register an account for each and every LoyalBrew passport?

Nope. Once you register for one LoyalBrew passport, you can use those same credentials for all others.

Is LoyalBrew free to use?

Yes! Customers can register for free. Brands pay a one-time setup fee per passport and a monthly subscription fee based on usage.

What types of stamps can a brand create?

Stamps can be achieved by completing specific tasks, which may consist of location-based check-ins, brand promotion, and time and location-based check-ins for events.

Some examples of stamps that can be claimed on a LoyalBrew passport are:

  • Checking in at one or more venues / locations
  • Attending events
  • Taking and sharing photos wearing branded merch

How does LoyalBrew know my location?

LoyalBrew leverages web browser capabilities to confirm location-based check-ins via geoLocation services. For customers who do not wish to enable geoLocation services, there’s the option to upload a photo instead.

What happens to photos that I upload to LoyalBrew?

All photos that customers upload to LoyalBrew may be used by LoyalBrew and its licensees for promotional purposes. You can read more about our policy here.

LoyalBrew does not claim any ownership interest in photos uploaded to LoyalBrew by customers.

What happens when a customer completes a passport?

Customers will receive a message within LoyalBrew and via email once they complete a passport. Brands can customize these messages to inform customers about their reward and/or promotions.

Does LoyalBrew provide the rewards?

LoyalBrew is a tool that brands can use to reward its most loyal customers. It was built to give brands total control and flexibility regarding rewards, therefore LoyalBrew does not provide the rewards and/or gifts on behalf of the brand. We can certainly consult brands on the types of rewards or promotions they could offer.