What Is LoyalBrew

LoyalBrew is a fun and engaging, contactless digital passport app and network where users can claim stamps and earn gifts through a variety of ways.

At the intersection of technology and craft beverage experiences

Todd Wickersty and Page Wood

LoyalBrew was founded by Todd Wickersty and Page Wood.  Todd and Page have known each other since 2014; first working together at Storyware where they were co-owners from 2018-2023. Page and Todd also co-founded the Charlottesville Ale Trail in 2018, forming it into a 501(c)(6) nonprofit a year later.

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Organizations (e.g., DMOs, nonprofits, trails, companies) can create LoyalBrew digital passports, which consist of simple tasks that users can accomplish. Users receive a stamp on their passport for each task completed. Once a user completes a passport, organizations have the option to reward the user with a gift or special promotion.

For LoyalBrew Users

You do not have to download an app to access passports. LoyalBrew is all web-based, which can be easily accessed via QR code, social media or a brand’s website. You can also find all of LoyalBrew’s passports here.

Nope. Once you register for one LoyalBrew passport, you can use the same account for all other passports.

Yes! Users can register for free. Organizations pay subscription fees to have a passport.

LoyalBrew leverages web browser capabilities to confirm location-based check-ins via geoLocation services. If you do not wish to enable geoLocation services, there is typically the option to upload a photo instead.

Make sure your phone’s browser has allowed LoyalBrew to access your phone’s location.


Instructions on sharing your locating:



All photos that are uploaded to LoyalBrew may be used by LoyalBrew and its licensees for promotional purposes. You can read more about our policy here.


LoyalBrew does not claim any ownership interest in photos uploaded to LoyalBrew by its users.

You will receive a message within LoyalBrew and via email once you complete a passport. The organization that manages the passport determines the gift or promotion that you will receive when a passport is completed.

For LoyalBrew Customers

LoyalBrew passport managers can use 5 types of stamps: Check-In / Geolocation, Selfie / Photo, Event, Sponsor, and Instant.


Check this page out for more detail.

At this time, LoyalBrew does not provide passport gifts, but we offer a lot of flexibility for organizations to administer the gift fulfillment process through the app. We also consult organizations on the types of gifts or promotions they could offer.

LoyalBrew allows our passport managers the option to customize almost all of the text and images on the passport along with messages and emails that are triggered automatically. These messages and emails include when a user registers for your passport, claims their first stamp, has one stamp remaining, earned a gift, and submitted their passport.


There is also a variety of gift and stamp settings that are customizable. We will train you on all of these settings, but are also here to make changes for you if you don’t have the time.

LoyalBrew Selfie Wall

Nothing makes us happier than seeing LoyalBrew users claim stamps with selfies. Below are some of our favorites.

Can you get your selfie on our wall?