Discover Dundee launches digital passports with LoyalBrew


We are excited to announce the launch of Discover Dundee on LoyalBrew!

Discover Dundee is located in the heart of Oregon’s wine country, and now has three LoyalBrew Passports. We spoke with Molly Bailey of Yellow Cactus and the City of Dundee Tourism Committee who is one of the people behind Discover Dundee to learn more about the trails and all they have to offer.

What sparked the creation of the Discover Dundee passport itineraries?

We were sitting around (with a glass of wine) thinking about what makes Dundee unique. Then we wanted to create an easy and curated way for visitors to take part in these experiences. The way the passport works is this … visitors sign up for the passport (free) and they visit each spot on the itinerary. When they visit they check in using the passport. As a bonus, once they’ve completed the passport they earn a giveaway, special discounts and are entered to win a special weekend in Dundee.

Tell us a little more about the can’t-miss places you recommend visiting while exploring each Discover Dundee passport itinerary? 

dog behind bottle of wine

Dog-lovers – One great place on our dog-friendly passport is The Dundee Hotel. The Dundee Hotel treats dogs as VIPs and that makes them one of our favorite spots on the dog-friendly digital passport. Head to the hotel with your pup and pamper yourselves in their one-of-a-kind rooms including a top-notch bed for doggo, and a bowl with your pup’s name written on it.

Foodie Adventure – If you’re a foodie that likes to go straight to the source, then you’ll want to visit Briar Rose Creamery. You’ll find them on our digital passport for the foodie adventurer. Briar Rose Creamery is a team of award-winning cheesemakers producing cow and sheep’s milk cheeses. Their Farm Store is open every Friday and Saturday from Noon to 5pm.

Community – Gain a new perspective on gardens through a Pollinate farm tour through the Discover Dundee community-focused digital passport and you’ll receive a free garden resource guide. Pollinate Flowers Farm in Dundee is a garden haven for more than one thousand species of plants. Over the years, the team has developed a perennial ecosystem that surrounds their no-till, compost-mounded production beds. Learn more about Pollinate and visit other community-minded spots using our passport as a guide.

It looks like Discover Dundee might have some more itineraries coming soon! What are some other possible digital passport themes we could see in the future?

We’d like to develop a passport that’s great for wellness and some that focus on specific types of wine experience like “ABCs of wine” or “building your cellar”

Discover Dundee is using LoyalBrew to launch its passport Itineraries. What do you hope to accomplish with it?

We hope to provide people with a great way to experience the many facets of Dundee.