LoyalBrew for Trails

Traditional passports for food and beverage trails are outdated. They are paper-based, or lackluster mobile apps that require assistance from staff, and don’t engage locals.

LoyalBrew is an engaging and easy-to-use mobile web application that creates awareness for local businesses and incentivizes customers to visit the destinations on your trail. No download required.

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How to Claim Stamps


Customers can check-in to a destination on your trail by sharing their phone’s location. It’s that simple.

Trail managers can set and adjust how close customers must be to each destination so there are no issues claiming a stamp in the city or the country.


If customers would prefer to not share their location or don’t have a strong signal, they can snap a selfie at a destination and upload it later to claim a stamp.

Trail managers can use these selfies on their social media accounts to promote the passport.

Paper vs. Digital Passports

Using LoyalBrew, the Charlottesville Ale Trail received 2 ½ times more completed passports in comparison to its paper passport.

Paper vs. Digital Passports
Charlottesville Ale Trail passport completions – Year 1 comparison


Content management

Easily update the text and images on your trail’s passport.

Passport gift management

When customers complete your trail passport, you have the option to use LoyalBrew for on-premise gift redemption, digital gift delivery, or snail mail delivery.


Anyone who uses a passport on LoyalBrew can easily discover your trail’s passport and all of the others on our platform.

Reporting and data export

LoyalBrew provides real-time usage reporting along with the ability to export user-submitted data.

Custom automated emails

Manage the automated emails that LoyalBrew can generate for your trail’s passport.


If your trail hosts special events, you can create passports for your events on LoyalBrew using our Event stamp.