Development Updates

We continuously update and improve LoyalBrew with new features. Please contact us to suggest a new feature or provide feedback.

January 2024

  • Improved photo upload processing.
  • Converted Export to CSV feature to an add-on option.
  • Added 503 error view and incorporated Artisan up/down for deployments.


October 2023

  • Introduced the option to offer multiple gifts per passport.
  • Added last_login_date column to user table.
  • Added Horizon for queue management to enable more performant data processing.
  • Squashed a couple small bugs.

August 2023

  • Changed presentation of claimed stamps so that the More Info and Google Maps links are still active.
  • Changed presentation of archived stamps so that they will still show up on a user’s passport IF user has claimed that stamp on their current lap.
  • Introduced a preview setting for stamps that are coming soon.
  • Modified sponsored stamps so it can be sold as a premium feature.

July 2023

  • Introduced sponsored stamps.
  • Created the option for passport managers to archive a stamp.
  • Updated passport view so photos display when used to claim a stamp.
  • Introduced a new view for the passport manager to browse all claimed stamps and stamp photos.

May 2023

  • Stamp reporting for Super Admins.

April 2023

  • Enhanced Location stamp type to specify manual coordinates.

March 2023

  • Upgraded PHP to 8.1 and Laravel to 9.x.
  • Changed email subject of passport submission email to include passport name.
  • Added a Bcc to the passport submission emails.
  • Fixed issue with saving Address 2 line on stamps.

February 2023

  • Added new passport age restriction options.
  • Removed “Over 21” checkbox on registration forms.

January 2023

  • Created “Add to Home Screen” prompt on passport view.
  • Added text beneath logo on login/registration view.
  • Added Instagram Handle field to passport information form.
  • Added “Total Stamps” to passport stats view.
  • Reorganized order of columns in admin passport leaderboard report.
  • Removed members badge on Charlottesville Ale Trail passport.
  • Removed Userback widget.
  • Updated address in Terms & Conditions.
  • Removed Medium link in footer.
  • Changed destination URL for “Browse Passports” link in footer.


December 2022

  • Added option to include custom messaging within the automated emails developed last month.
  • Added timezone support in passport settings
  • UX improvement to passport collection dialogue

November 2022

  • Created a new automated email that is sent when a new user registers and/or collects a passport. 📧
  • Created a new automated email that is sent when the first stamp is collected on a passport. 📧
  • Created a new automated email that is sent when their is one stamp remaining to submit a passport. 📧
  • Updated some copy in the automated emails. 📧
  • Added timezone support so users can set a timezone in their profile.
  • Added a stamp claimed date and time stamp.

October 2022

  • Launched a new type of stamp – the instant stamp.
  • Increased the dimensions of the stamp images.
  • Added the ability to archive passports.
  • Fixed some minor issues.

September 2022

  • Added the ability to remove passports from a collection.
  • Modified text on passport discovery page.

August 2022

  • Enabled unique gifts per passport for on-premise gift redemption functionality.
  • Modified navigation menu for passport management.
  • Squashed some pesky bugs.

June 2022

  • Built functionality to support on-premise gift/prize redemption.
  • Changed verified member indicator styling.

May 2022

  • Added an optional passport approval email that can be sent to users when a passport manager approves their passport.
  • Fixed an issue that occurs when a person tries to add a passport to their collection twice.

April 2022

  • Created a brand new dashboard view that makes it easier to discover and collect passports.
  • Added a link to registration form from the login page.
  • Moved passport stats to separate page.
  • Refactored passport livewire components to minimize database calls.
  • Changed “Tasks” to “Stamps” throughout the application.
  • Added several new fields to Members export.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally occurred when a user clicked the claim invite button twice.

March 2022

  • Changed account registration and login credentials from phone number to email and password.
  • Added the ability for existing user accounts that previously registered with only a phone number to convert their account credentials to email and password.
  • Added profile photo as an optional field.
  • Reworked invitation workflow to account for multiple invites to the same email address.
  • Added the ability to export passport submissions and members to a CSV file.
  • Changed view of single passport submission.
  • Changed default sort of members table to Role.
  • Added location radius field to tasks so passport managers can now set the location radius for each individual stamp.
  • Squashed some bugs.

January 2022

  • Organized passports by geographical location within passport dropdown.
  • Improvements to passport submission display.
  • Added the ability to discern between manual image entry and location check-in when viewing a passport submission.


December 2021

  • Added the ability to submit a passport after a specific number of stamps are claimed.

November 2021

October 2021

  • Improved Login / Register UI to make the choice between the two options clearer.
  • Updated active user count to reflect users who have claimed at least one stamp in the last 365 days.
  • Visual improvements to the footer.
  • Changed “trails” to “passports” throughout the app and within the app URLs.
  • Updated Terms and Conditions.
  • Introduced a Super Admin dashboard.
  • Added new menu to navigate between passports.
  • Stay on present view when switching teams.
  • Fixed issue with DOB entered greater than present date.
  • Usability improvements and UI fixes.

September 2021

  • Updated phone number verification.
  • UI fixes.

July 2021

  • Increased distance radius from 200 to 300ft for geo verification stamps.

June 2021

  • Event-based stamps 🍻
  • Ability to disable photo or geo verification on a particular stamp.
  • Introducing text titles for stamps.
  • Separate S3 Buckets for logos vs. user content.
  • Created separate field for passport email notifications.
  • Added overlay notice when user completes passport.
  • Added zip code validation.
  • Updated Terms & Conditions.

May 2021

  • Branding and messaging changes to the login/register UI and passport UI.
  • The Passport submissions table can now be filtered.
  • Apple iOS home screen icon updated.
  • Reporting updates.
  • Improved team management organization.

April 2021

  • Added Loops column to passport submissions table.
  • Passport submission status of “Fulfilled” will update the date approved timestamp.
  • New reports for Passport Managers.
  • Added Proof of Membership badge for Charlottesville Ale Trail.

March 2021