LoyalBrew for Trails

LoyalBrew enables you to create a fun and engaging, contactless digital passport where visitors can claim stamps and earn gifts by visiting the local destinations on your trail.

Types of Stamps

Check-In / Geolocation

You can set up stamps for each location on your trail or itinerary, which visitors can claim by sharing their phone’s location. It’s that simple.

You can set and adjust how close visitors must be to each destination so there are no issues claiming a stamp in the city or the country.

Selfie / Photo

If a person would prefer to not share their location or don’t have a strong signal, they can snap a selfie (or a receipt) at a destination and upload it later to claim a stamp.

You can view all of the photos submitted to your passport, and use the best ones on social media.


Do you have an upcoming special event or a recurring event that needs an attendance boost?

You can use event stamps that attendees can only claim during a specific date and timeframe at a specific location.


Looking for a way to promote your sponsors and supporters on your passport?

Sponsored stamps give you the option to add a stamp to your passport, but isn’t necessary to claim. Instead, sponsored stamps provide information about your sponsor along with a link to your sponsor’s website.

You Have our Support and the Tools

LoyalBrew admin panel

We will create your passport in 2 – 3 weeks.

Once it’s ready to go, we will train you on how to update your passport’s content and settings going forward. It’s super simple, so you don’t have to rely on us to make every change.

We also know you are busy, so if you would prefer that we make passport changes on your behalf, that’s not a issue whatsoever. It’s included – just shoot us an email.

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And there’s more …

Gift management

You can offer as many gifts as you’d like. We give you the option to fulfill it in person, through the mail, or electronically.

Google Maps

Each stop on your passport will include a link to their address on Google Maps.


Anyone who uses a passport on LoyalBrew can easily discover your passport and all of the others on our platform.

Reporting and data export

LoyalBrew provides real-time usage reporting along with the ability to export user-submitted data.

Custom automated emails

LoyalBrew sends a variety of automated, customizable emails at various stages of stamp collection. You have the ability to update that email text with or without our help.

User-Generated Content

You will have hundreds of photos submitted by people who have explored your passport, which will make for great social media content. 

We loved that the LoyalBrew platform is web based so people don’t need to download another app, and that it uses GPS location so our breweries don’t need to take time to stamp physical passports. It is easy to update as we have had establishments close and open in the two years since we started the trail. Todd and his team have been very hands on and are very quick to help us anytime we need something. I highly recommend trying out LoyalBrew for your next passport!

Katherine Christie
Katherine Christie
Sales and Marketing for Discover Burke County, based out of Morganton, North Carolina

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